Our Services

What does distinguish the better from excellent Managed Services Providers?

There are three key elements:

Sidney Group Balance
  • Technical Excellence – where value is a function of capabilities and reliability
  • Services Maturity – where the maturity level requires an exact match to the current customer organisation development
  • Management Consultancy – where the IT Services are subordinate to the business needs and are business-centric driven

Most of our competitors are very good at the first point – Technical Excellence. It is expected to be the case – technology-centric IT services are bread and butter for most IT Services Providers. 

Very often there is a mismatch between the organisational maturity of the Managed IT Services Provider/Internal IT department and the customer organisation. The organisational growth of the MSP may surpass the level of development for some of their customers and the result is the MSP “becomes” slow due to the more process-driven approach and expectedly more expensive. The opposite is true also. In case some of the customer organisations outgrow their MSP maturity level, the perception is lower reliability and higher risk, despite the lower price and goodwill. Every organisation has got its challenges and own development path. 

What we do at Sidney Group is to match the maturity level with every customer organisation and to help them by Management Consultancy to make every next step in the right direction.

This is the reason why our triage of Services makes us unique on the market and guarantee to our customers they can get the best value for their investment.

Business Services

We offer Management Consultancy on the IT function, services and governance. Our approach has been refined and crystalised in our ClearFoundation methodology to ensure nothing is missed and the

IT Services

We provide the pragmatic level of IT Services maturity for your business, while keep the business-centric approach.

Technical Excellence

We deliver cost-effective solutions for 24/7/365 - follow-the-sun Service Desk, Professional Services for complex projects and IT infrastructure & licenses.