Microsoft Azure

Firstly, just what is Microsoft Azure? 

It is Microsoft’s public cloud service. It is where you are reading this text from right now. Sidney Group has advised countless customers on their journey to the public cloud. Why would a business want to do so? Let’s take a look. 

The cloud can help spread costs.

For this project example, we projected cloud costs over 8 years (assuming steady usage).

  • As you can see from the graph, the cloud cost was lower than the CAPEX spend that infrastructure would be.
  • Over time, hardware and software upgrades are necessary to keep the systems running in a supported state (vendor requirements). 

We don’t recommend ‘lift and shift’ into the public cloud. Not by any stretch. Moving systems to the cloud should always follow a ‘cloud’ strategy; Sidney Group uses the following: 

  • SaaS first, PaaS second, IaaS third. IaaS virtual machines still need to be patched, just like on-premises virtual machines and servers.  
  • When use of virtual machines is necessary, we recommend using Reserved Instances. There are good discounts offered to customers who commit to Microsoft through a 1-3 year contract. Sidney Group is a CSP, so we can handle that for you. 
  • For IaaS, we always recommend consolidation before migration. 
  • Security first. Treat your cloud environment like another site; put a firewall at the front end, and make sure all of your virtual machines are behind it. 

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