Managed IT Support

How do we understand the definition of Managed IT Support?

A Managed IT Support will be of significant help if you have limited IT skills available in-house and need to focus your time on the everyday demands of expanding your business and managing costs.
We will keep your IT systems operational, available, secure and working at optimal performance, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.
We deliver a mix of expert advice and a proactive approach as a foundation to keep your IT infrastructure up to date and delivering the designed value. We are flexible on the scope of the support – technologies, types of users and business patterns.
What we do not change is our trust in ourselves – we provide a fixed price for unlimited calls, tickets, cases. We truly believe that we are knowledgeable, capable and reliable enough to put an extra effort into your environment and users and to achieve a high level of control and risk mitigation so we can keep up with extremely low to rare reactive cases.
Simply put in a business language we set up a monitoring and as we are fully aware of the risks we mitigate them and communicate them with you before they can negatively impact your business.
Management agents are used to monitoring your IT infrastructure and our engineers are alerted to any potential risks as they may arise via the central dashboard. They evaluate the cases and remediate against them, mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime and ensuring maximum efficiency of your IT services.

This service also includes:
Sidney Group Remote Management Toolkit (RMT) – a number of specialised support tools for proactive monitoring and automated resolutions. Applicable to any elements of the IT infrastructure and networks.
• Hardware and Software licenses inventory – an inventory audit per annum to keep an updated track of record your IT assets
• Patch Management – the RMT can be used to deploy Microsoft/Linux/Network devices critical updates to minimise security risks and ensure the optimal running of IT systems
• Anti-virus as a Service (optional)
• Backup as a Service (optional) – backup logs are checked every morning (Monday to Friday) to ensure they are successful. Any errors or failures are logged and problems are remediated to ensure a successful backup next time
• Onsite Engineers (optional) – Our standard support is delivered remotely. However, when an issue cannot be resolved you have the option to request an engineer to visit your site
• Hardware maintenance (optional) – this is available through our preferred contractors

Reporting is comprehensive and includes a management summary of risks, errors, outages and issues, current SLA performance, service status, call list and statistics, call breakdown, P1 breakdown, plus recommendations designed to assist you with optimising your infrastructure.

• Proactive management of your organisation’s assets to ensure they are offering you a sound investment and you can plan for the future
• Critical business systems are continuously monitored by a team of experts, allowing you to focus on delivering increased services to your customers safe in the knowledge that the maintenance, monitoring and support of your IT infrastructure is in good hands.
• Daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks automated and scheduled to ensure they are all completed reliably
• Data gathered can be used to plan future system changes or enhancements
• A flexible service that can be adapted to suit your precise requirements
• Fixed cost so you know what you will be spending each month

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