Managed IT Services

Your business management has direct ownership of the IT services, but Sidney Group is in full responsibility for the whole IT function and oversees liaison with you. The focus is on delivering highest levels of service, where service constraints drive technology acquisition. Sidney Group can fit within your internal IT team or fully manage it, therefore increasing operational efficiency and reducing risk.

Sidney Group Managed IT Services enable you to reduce costs and improve service levels. Experts in the delivery of IT services to the Mid Market we ensure you stay working and your customers remain your prime focus. Our Managed IT Services wrap around your own IT service delivery model at any level required, based on what you NEED and where YOU want to take your business.

Sidney Group Provides Strategic outsourcing that manages your delivery IT services

24/7 Support Desk

Proactive Management

Unlimited Cases & Requests

Network Operations Centre

Threat Protection


Learn how our Managed IT Services can unlock your business potential

Why use Sidney Group?

We make your business work smoothly, effectively and securely. We admit that it is not easy to keep the balance, but at Sidney Group, we are a type of different managed service provider. We understand that supporting your business isn’t just about the ‘technical’. It takes a combination of management consultancy, appropriate level of service maturity and technical excellence to get it right. 

Technical Expertise

Our team of experience and vendor qualified solution architects and systems engineers have ability to foresee and eliminate issues before they jeopardise your business or project.

Service Excellence

Our customer service team staff our 24/7 operations centre and consistently meet and even exceed customers’ expectations and are backed up with enterprise grade tools.

Business Centric

Our focus is your business and our objective is to support you in achieving your goals. technology is a enabler for business and our team put you at the centre of everything we do.

Innovation and Agility

The pace of change in business is increasing and at Sidney Group we understand that selecting and implementing technology that delivers long term sustained value is key to your businesses success.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Our approach to risk management lies in anticipating and planning solutions for risk, rather than attempting to minimise the damage after the fact. We improve your decision making through greater awareness and mitigation of risk drivers.

Sound Advice

Our architects and engineers are always available to discuss potential solutions and technologies with you and give your our advice on they will benefit your business.


·     Business-centric IT services – best business value for money

·     Deep technical expertise on tap

·     Service designed to fit you

·     Proactive risk mitigation approach

·     Optimised cost control and improved service levels

·     Granular reporting

·     Full compliance

·     Innovation and agility enabled

·     Efficient use of resources

·     Maximum ROI

·     Greater confidence for stakeholders and investors

·     Continuous process improvement through analysis of historical, current, and predicted data sets


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