Managed IT Services

The IT managed services marketplace is crowded with a wide range of companies offering services a simple as one-man-band consultants providing break-fix support to large multinational conglomerates that deliver an enterprise-grade solution to some of the world’s biggest brands. Post covid the needs of the customer have changed significantly and has moved to a more agile IT environment that needs an enterprise focus always on I’m moving away from the break-fix environment of the lower end of the market.

As a senior decision-maker with ownership or responsibility or directly involved in IT you know that ‘just keeping the lights on’ is not enough. Technology is constantly changing and evolving and it can be difficult to ensure that your systems allow you to remain competitive and achieve your business goals. Let’s raise the bar now. It is not only the technologies. The Business itself is a constant change too. We observe change of an environment in political commercial, natural, demographic, market and thousand angles more. The best in adapting will survive and thrive.
As IT budgets are not infinite a laser focus is required. Still, you need eyes to see the laser dot. You need an analysis of the current business needs and what actually the IT services deliver or miss to deliver. It is a simple gap analysis.
Every internal IT team or external MSP company can do IT support at different levels and scopes. The big question is do they match your business needs?
Sidney Group Managed IT Services enable you to reduce costs and improve service levels. Experts in the delivery of IT services to the Mid Market we ensure you stay working and your customers remain your prime focus.
Our Managed IT Services wrap around your own IT service delivery model at any level required, based on what you NEED and where YOU want to take your business.
Control at the business level rests with you, but you benefit from improved performance, assured service levels and reduced risk.

• Business-centric IT services – best business value for money
• Deep technical expertise on tap
• Service designed to fit you – business needs, organisational maturity, technology
• Proactive risk mitigation approach
• Optimised cost control and improved service levels
• Granular reporting
• Full compliance
• Innovation enabled

As part of the Managed IT Services (business-centric) we do Managed IT Support (technology-centric)

What is the difference between Managed IT Support and Managed IT Services?

The Managed IT Support is an extension (add scale and/or cover blindspots in skillset matrix) or part (take over on specific areas) of your IT team. Sidney Group team liaise with the other members of the IT function to extend the technology expertise and the scale of it. The focus is on the support of the already designed and implemented technologies and IT infrastructure or said in other words we do cover the technology-centric IT Services provision up to the technology integration and automation.
There is no interaction with the end-users, i.e. there is no 1st Line of support.

The Managed IT Services upgrades the Managed IT Support with:
• 1st Line of Support
• Annual IT Services Roadmap
• Technical Account Manager
• Service Delivery Manager
• Solutions Architect
• Enterprise Architect
• IT Services Portfolio Manager

Sidney Group is in full responsibility for the whole IT function and is in charge of liaison with the customer business management. The focus is on delivering appropriate levels of service, where service constraints drive technology acquisition. Sidney Group can manage your internal IT team and/or external outsourcing organisations.

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