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Most often we provide clarity in the relationships between the business management and the IT organisation. It is not expected for the business management to be fluent in the technologies and their interdependencies. At the same time, the IT specialists cannot compete on their level of business experience and sometimes communication skills with the business management. This is very logical, as everyone is focused on their area of professional development and domain of everyday practice. As a result, the quality of the communication between business management and IT function is insufficient and ineffective. IT function with associated budget becomes a black box with a price tag and there is little to no correlation between the delivered, expected, and needed value to the business.

Working in the IT managed services industries for many years there Sidney Group has seen, first-hand, that there is a mismatch between the customer and service providers. Service providers have become clumsy and unexpectant that their customers will conform to their business processes. They are placing profits above performance and are not placing the ‘customer’ the centre of their offerings. By doing this they are alienating their own base and we are seeing a huge amount of churn where customers want to swap providers while searching for a company that genuinely understands how their IT functions operate and supports business growth and performance.

Sidney Group have a different approach to providing managed services to their customers. Focusing on companies that have significant investment and reliance on their IT function we want to blend management consultancy with managed services and deliver against our customers top-down business agendas and strategic goals.

We do believe that our success in the marketplace as a managed service provider is based on the three key elements in balance.

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