Sidney Group

We make it work for you.

Sidney Group

We make it work for you.

IT Roadmap

Improving your business by aligning IT systems, People and Process delivers long term growth, competitive advantage and business agility with a lower risk profile and tighter cost control. 

 Sidney group’s team of consultants experts in helping organisation with digital transformation to support  your changing needs.

Sidney Group Strategic IT Planning

Sidney group consultants are business focussed and our philosphy is to enable IT to support the business to achieve it’s goals effectively and effiecient. We have created a process to breakdown the complexities of digital transformation into a manageable engagements and deliver tangible results to your business.

Align Business & IT

Understand what IT needs to achieve to support the business

Current State

Crete a deep understanding of IT systems, people and process

Future State

Create a vision of how IT systems people and process


Prioritise the individual IT initiatives needed to deliver the vision

Sidney Group supports companies in building robust IT Roadmaps through a deep analysis of their business and expert knowledge of the IT market to create a future state that delivers your business goals

Vendor Management

Ensure the right technology is supporting your business, your users and customers

Cost Control

Ensure you manage your costs and aren't overpaying for services that provide no benefit

Risk Reduction

Ensure your business has the right level of protection against outages, data loss and cyber attacks

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