Plan to achieve the full automation of monitoring and reporting

Full Observability

1. Analysis of the Service Catalog – SLAs, measurables and required reports from the business
2. Analysis of the Service in a pipeline – same as the above
3. Creation of SLA, measurables, etc. GAP assessment of the required and collected data
4. Create HLDs for the required Business management reports based on the business demand and requirements
5. Evaluation of the High-Level Designs for monitoring systems, their capabilities and interdependencies and associated budgets
6. Technical Design Workshop – Low-Level Design for the accepted IT Services/Monitoring Systems
7. Implementation of new monitoring systems for IT Services and their components
8. Update risk register after implementation

The outcome is a new Service Portfolio – Service Pipeline, Service Catalog and retired IT Services or their components. A new version of the risk register is created.
The ClearVision stage has got implementation and ongoing support. The implementation follows the standard consultancy process. Technical Design Workshops and implementation are part of Professional Services. 
The ongoing support of the monitoring and reporting can be delivered internally or outsourced to an external organisation.

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