IT Services Roadmap Redesign

Business-centric modelling of the services

A plan to achieve the following:
1. Analysis of the business vision, mission and strategy – documents sent and one meeting
2. Review and update the GAP analysis – adjust the gaps to findings at ClearView
3. Update risk register before IT Services redesign
4. Create project pipeline – a brief and HL overview of each project (w/o HLD)
5. Create HLDs for the required IT Services based on the business demand and their interdependencies
6. Evaluation of the HLDs for the required IT Services, their interdependencies and associated budgets
7. Technical Design Workshop – LLD for the accepted IT Services
8. Implementation of new IT Services and their components
9. Update risk register after implementation

The outcome is a new Service Catalog and retired IT Services or their components. A new version of the risk register is created.
The ClearPlan stage is a project-based consultancy service. It uses the standard consultancy process. Technical Design Workshops and implementation are part of Professional Services. It depends on the organisation scale and maturity to opt-in for annual or 3 to 5-year Design Workshops. 

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