Control & Manage each IT service to the business is measured

Strategic Contribution

A plan to achieve the full match of the business needs:
1. Using real-time monitoring and regular reporting is established at the ClearVision stage
2. Extending the Service Portfolio with IT Service component descriptions, current cost, SLA, measurables, etc.
3. Creation of the real-time analysis (report) of the business value, TCO, ROI, risks for each IT Service from the Service Catalog
4. IT Service KPIs list for each one
5. IT Services related procurement process can be transformed into tenders centric. Always the business management can check:
a. The internal IT team against external MSPs
b. The on-prem infrastructure against public clouds or what part of it can be on-prem and what in the public cloud
c. Risk mitigation by increasing maturity of the IT processes
d. Any technology by the impact on the business and not to rely on the provided by the supplier information
6. Continual improvement on the monitoring systems for IT Services and their components
7. Creation of new business management reports
8. Update risk register after implementation

The outcome is full control and holistic management of each element of any of the IT Services components. At this stage, every component has got the description, cost, value to the business, SLA, and therefore it is clear how to assess, evaluate and manage solutions from the suppliers, providers and vendors.
This is the first time the organisation will be able to lead the suppliers, providers and vendors. Before this point, it is left to follow promises and bent truth from them.
The ClearOperation stage is a consultancy service and follows the standard consultancy process.ย 

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