The management of the IT department or team is the responsibility of the respective departmental or team manager. The business value from the IT services must be monitored and managed from the business management that is out of the IT function. The IT team will monitor the technologies, not themselves.
Traditional silo monitoring and management systems that are mostly focused on a single or set of technologies may still have their place, but now organisations are looking to catch all this data and make sense of it, by adding the missing bits and pieces.
The IT landscape is ever-changing and keeping on top of it is even more difficult whilst remaining cost-conscious.
Enter observability, which is about taking all the data from all required sources and building some insight, usually using AI/ML techniques to automate the hard part which just can’t be done at ‘human scale’ because of the volumes and pace of data.
Observability provides the elements of the IT Service and holistic view with all interdependencies and can provide incredible insights into the end-to-end IT function.
Any lack of data, information or source will provide uncertainty and ambiguity. They say “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.
So this is where things get really interesting, enter Full-Stack ClearFoundation. This hot topic in the industry now is about getting full visibility across the end-to-end IT services at all layers, gaining new insights, and enabling the next level of automated actions. We will be saying “You can’t act upon insight you don’t have”.
Initiated by the granular view already provided by the ClearView stage – IT Services Roadmap Assessment delivery package, we have a new way to observe our digital assets. It is all about a business-centric approach. How do we monitor and manage the value of the IT Services?
The ClearFondation will bring a new operating model for enterprises in the future.
Our ClearFoundation methodology brings together business vision, mission, model, and strategy in a matrix and connects it to the value delivered by IT services. Every element from the IT services is independently assessed by tools, interviews, questionaries, and observations. The final product of the assessment is the current state of the IT services as a gap analysis with fine granularity for each element of any component of any services.
The IT Services Roadmap Assessment covers the risk of disconnection between business needs and business value from IT services. Consequently, the IT budget is clear and laser-focused on the most important priorities.

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