Business Continuity

Protect your business and recover from any disruptive event

The Sidney Group Business Continuity (BC) Services keep your organisation always operating and be available and recoverable no matter what the circumstance. Our experts work with your organisation to understand the most effective way to protect your business during day to day operations and how to recover if operations are lost.

Resilience Planning

Sidney Group provides an objective analysis of your current IT resilience to highlight single points of failure and high-risk areas within your environment and an actionable plan to manage them effectively.

Business Continuity Planning

Our experts can develop a robust IT Business Continuity Plan that outlines how your business will continue operating during unplanned disruption.

Business Continuity Services Audit

Sidney Group provides a free IT Business Continuity Services audit that evaluates your current infrastructure, network, security and internal capability to understand your levels of resilience, single points of failure and business impact and provide you with a fully justified and evidenced way forward to help protect your business and ensure you are able to operate during any service-affecting incident.

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