About Us

We make your business work smoothly, effectively and securely. We admit that it is not easy to keep the balance, but at Sidney Group, we are a type of different managed service provider. We understand that supporting your business isn’t just about the ‘technical’. It takes a combination of management consultancy, appropriate level of service maturity and technical excellence to get it right.

We recognise that the market is underperforming by providing technology-centric based services only. So, we look deeper into your business, beyond just IT support, lines and minutes and hardware to create valuable solutions that support your business strategy, manage your risks and transform your IT services into measurable and controllable tools.

With offices across Europe, we have access to a huge pool of experts in End-User, Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud as well as on-premises environments and support critical environments like they are our own.

So why not give us a call, our experts are always at hand to listen to your challenges, provide advice and support on a project or just for a chat to bounce ideas off.

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Send us a message or call us on 0800 158 2595 for UK domestic call (free) or 01223 618 989 from abroad (at the cost of calling a UK landline). Alternatively, you can use the small icon at the bottom right corner for a live chat.
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